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Is it more common to say nazar or aghideh for 'opinion'


؟'opinion' آیا نظر یا عقیده رایج بیستر بگوید برای کلمه انگیلیسی

Aya nazar ya aghideh rayeje bishtar beguyid baraye kalameh ye engilisi 'opinion'.

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    Hello there!
    نظر means a "comment", or an "opinion" which can be said about sth new, or about a way to solve a problem. People may have a lot of comments and opinions about sth. For example my friend has bought a bicycle and ask my opinion about it, the in Farsi he says: [نظرت راجع به دوچرخه ی من چیه؟](=What's your opinion about my bicycle?) or simply with a big smile on his face, he might ask [نظرت چیه؟ چطوره؟] (=What do you think? How is it?). ^_^
    عقیده is sth like your "faith" and sth that you "believe" to be true or the "right path". It is carved deep within your heart and is an origin of your actions and behavior. If I have faith in helping the elderly, I dont wait for them to ask me for help. If I have faith in working hard or studying hard, I dont wait for my parents or teachers to tell me to do so.

    I hope it helped.

    both of them can be used, just remember something, aghided (عقیده) is little formal, so in spoken language you better use nazar (نظر).

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