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Do you prefer the sound of Farsi or English.


vaghti shoma zabane engilisi beh nazar mir raseh ra ba zabane farsi beh nazar mi raseh moghayeseh mi konid, keh zaban tarjih mi dahid?

please correct my mistakes. I wouldn't be surprised if you can't understand it. I think English is a very boring sounding language. hoselam sar raft.

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    فارسی شکر است.

    vaghti shoma zabane engilisi ra ba zabane farsi moghayeseh mi konid, cheh zaban ra tarjih mi dahid?
    Farsi has some hard grammars, but at all Farsi is a beautiful language.


    Persian, but that may be because English is my native language, so I don't see anything special about it.

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