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What do "lo se" and "el a" mean in English?

In context, I was trying to translate the song Si te vas by Reik, and I'm stumped on two lines. The first one:
será mi culpa lo se
I understand the first three words, but I don't understand what 'lo se' means. The second line:
el a verte lastimado
What does 'el a ' translate to? My translation so far is: to see you hurt, but 'lastimado' is masculine and I'm fairly sure he's talking about a woman in the song. I may be wrong though.


Additional Details:

Thank you everybody! The lyrics I read were, indeed, wrong.

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    La letra escrita correctamente es así:

    Si te alejas de mi lado
    será mi culpa lo sé
    El haberte lastimado
    me da pena y destroza mi ser

    Having hurt you,makes me sad and destroys my soul...

    Hope it helps !

    - "Lo sé" means "I know", so "I know, it will be my faut".
    - I don't understand the last part of your question. "Lastimado" is masculin, if the singer wanted to talk about a woman, he had utilised "lastimada". Im not sure if this is your question.
    Anything u need, im here to solve your lingüistic problems.

    I don't know the song but I guess you've found some lyrics which are very bad written. It would make more sense if the lyrics were "Será mi culpa, lo sé, el haberte lastimado". If those are the real lyrics, its meaning would be something like "I know that having hurt you it might be my fault".

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