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How do I get the accent marks to show correctly for Spanish when using the keyboard?

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    Have a look at the Best Answer (Fernando's one) to this entry

    In the system operating of windows you must to add a new idiom in this case Spanish for your keyboard, after that. Select it from the task bar when you need it. To add a new idiom go to "Control Panel / Regional Configuration and Idioms/ Keyboards and Idioms".

    Hope you help.

    It's very simple

    Configure your keyboard as US-International and you can get the accents with AltGr+Letter. i.e.:

    AltGr+ a=á * AltGr+ e=é * AltGr+ i=í * AltGr+ o=ó * AltGr+ u=ú
    AltGr+ n=ñ

    And with capital leters also works


    As mentioned before, you can do the keyboard shortcuts or add a language dictionary to your spelling checker. For quick texts such as those we write here on italki, you can also use these kind of sites: :)

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