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Thank you letter

how would i write a sentence to say thanks to someone who helped me quite a lot. we just met for a brief time. I can't say "Thank you for coming into my life and bringing positive changes into it" right? it goes with too intimacy.

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    Be specific. Thank the person for what is was that they did for you. For example: Thank you so much for helping me improve my English. I really appreciate it. Or, Thank you for taking the time to take me to my appointment while my car was being repaired. I appreciate your kindness. I hope this gives you a few ideas.

    It boils down to the tone of the letter. The tone of the message may conveys a deeper meaning than what is being written. A simple thank you letter like Greg had provided is more neutral in tone. What you wrote in your question like you said conveys a more intimate feeling. Without my more context, the best I can do is below.

    Thank you for your help during a difficult part of my life and bringing positive changes to it.

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