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is there any phrase in arabic for "to go blank / my mind went blank" in arabic ??

THIS MEANS - if you are asked a question and your mind goes blank, you cannot think of anything to say.

for example

" I was so nervous during the interview that when I was asked about my experience, my mind went blank"

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    ذهني فارغ او عقلي فارغ او
    في العامية :عقلي فاضي

    I can't think of a special expression for this. but you shall say
    "تاه عقلي " = My mind got lost

    كنت متوترا جدا أثناء المقابلة وعندما سُئلت عن تجربتي ، تاه عقلي.

    We Egyptian may express it as "مخي اتقفل "

    Wish that helps :)

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