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n'en reste pas

What does 'n'en reste pas' mean in this sentence: "Si son trop-plein de génie agace certains, l'auteur des Misérables et de Notre-Dame de Paris n'en reste pas moins l'écrivain français le plus lu dans le monde."? (source:

I'm particularly interested in knowing what 'en' in this sentence refers back to.

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    In this context "n'en reste pas moins" means "the fact remains that...", "nevertheless," "notwithstanding"

    --> if his excess of talent/genius annoys certain individuals, the fact remains that the author of Les Misérables and Notre Dame de Paris is the most widely read French author in the world.

    "Il n'en reste pas moins" is a fixed expression that loosely means "it does not remain less from the (previous statement) less that ..." So in a sense "en" refers to the previous subordinate clause "si son trop-plein de génie agace certains."

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