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I know that 「優しい」means "kind". But, I've also heard it used for "friendly" as well. So, are there 2 different words that can be used for "kind" and "friendly"?
(*By "friendly" I'm talking about someone who can befriend with anyone very easily. By, "kind" I'm talking about someone who shows considerations towards others and tries to help others. I wonder if they mean the same thing in Japanese language!!!)

1. His family members are very friendly so they welcomed me very nicely.
2. He is kind towards his fellow-classmates.


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    1. 彼の家族はとてもフレンドリーで、私を快く(こころよく)迎えてくれた。
    2. 彼はクラスメートに親切だ。(もしくは、優しい)

    When I use the word kind, I use it in the way you described. Like, she is やさしい, she kind-hearted.
    And when I use the word friendly, I mean the same thing you said too. Easy to be friends with, so it's normally used for someone who you meet for the first time. (And we say フレンドリー in Japanese too.)
    As far as I think, friendly people are not always kind and kind people are not always friendly, so these 2 words don't have the same meaning in my opinon.
    Hope this is helpful.

    I would use 優しい in both sentences..
    There are words in the dictionary that translate as freidnly or amical, like 親好的 or 人なつっこい, but since they don't show up in alc, I'd forget about them and just use 優しい. I think you're looking for a nuance where there's not really one in Japanese.

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