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Both means "warmth", right? So, what are the differences between them? When can these 2 words be used distinctively?
(*"ぬくもり" is the name of a song by いきものがかり and that's how I've heard this word.)

Please give some example sentences if possible!


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    "ぬくもり" is often used as a heat from person.
    It is accompanied by gentleness.




    温もり is a noun. 温かい is an adjective.

    ぬくもり is a noun referring to the emotional warmth, like 家族のぬくもり, which means the warmth of the family. But it also refers to the bodily warmth, like 肌のぬくもり, in which case you refer to the warmth of the skin but it implies that you feel the emotional warmth as well from the warmth of the skin.

    温かい is an adjective reffering to the warmth in temperature, like 私の手は温かい, which means my hands are warm. And it can also be used to refer to the emotional warmth like あたたかい心, which means warm heart

    間違っているかもしれません :S
    Hope this helps, ganbatte kudasai :) 失礼しました。

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