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How to say this in dutch?

In the following sentence.

"I have only learned about that accident later."

The verb 'learned' is used as to be informed. In dutch, can we also use 'geleerd' for a similar purpose, that is for being informed. For example, can I translate that sentence to the following?

"Ik heb alleen later geleerd over die ongeluk."

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    No. In Dutch, I think we'd say "Ik heb pas later van dat ongeluk gehoord.", which would be more closely translated as "I've only heard of that accident later."

    Somewhat related:
    "Ik kwam er pas later achter dat er een ongeluk gebeurd was." -> "I only found out later that there had been an accident."
    Here, "found out" could be replaced with "learned".

    Note the use of "er" in "Ik kwam er achter". The verb is "ergens achter komen".
    "I only learned about that later." -> "Daar kwam ik pas later achter."
    Problem is, ergens achterkomen needs to be combined with some indication of place, e.g. "er", "daar", "hier". It can't be combined with a real object, such as "that accident".

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