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여러 가지 과일을 먹으며 하루를 보낸다 - meaning

I'm studying from a book "Modern Korean" and I have problems with understandingthis sentence.
I know that "여러 가지 과일" means "different kinds of fruit", "먹"comes from "먹다: - "to eat", "하루" is "a day" and "보내다" means "to send", but I still can't understand the sentence.
Also I can't find a verb ending "으며" anywhere? I only know "으면"...
I'll appreciate any help
PS The whole sentence was "특히 추석에는 송편을 만들고, 여러 가지 과일을 먹으며 하루를 보낸다." I undestand the first part, but maybe it's important t understand the second part.

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    보내다/보낸다 is not only "to send" but also has many different meaning.
    In this case, 보내다 means "spend time".

    From Korean dictionary 시간이나 세월을 지나가게 하다.

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