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Can + a verb in the 3rd person sing.

I came across some sentences with the above pattern. For example, the next sentence by a native American: The use of curses or swear words by bilinguals and polyglots can also depends on where they are (abroad vs. in home country), their L1 and L2 (or L3, etc.) and whether or not the people around them will understand them.

Is it a new tendency?

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    I had to read your question a couple of times. I agree with Daniel in that it could have been written more clearly.

    If you're asking whether "can depends" is a new tendency among native speakers (instead of "can depend"), then no. It's completely wrong, and sounds wrong even to a poorly-educated native speaker. The only way it could make sense is if the writer chose to use deliberately bad English as a joke.

    I suspect the example you found is either a typo, or the sentence was edited and not revised, ie. the writer added "can" as an afterthought and forgot to change the main verb.


    Your writing is hard to understand. Please re-write you question and example sentence in full sentences, using words and not symbols.

    If I understand correctly, this tendency is as old as our ancestors and does not apply to only polyglots or bilinguals. I can remember my grandfather saying how his colleagues abroad, taught him how to say 'up yours' instead of 'you're welcome', and took great pleasure in watching him make a fool of himself all the while they were not proficient in a second language themselves . It is sad to make use of your skills in language in such a manner, but I feel people do it more often than not, be it for a short phrase or a lengthy mocking conversation. Your L1 or mother tongue does not really define you as a person, nor do the other 2,3,4, or 5 languages you have in your bag. It does however, prove useful when you know the code and other people use it on you, so at least you know who you are dealing with.

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