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Korean phrases and formal endings for travel?

Well, I might be stopping over in Korea on my way to the Philippines this April. (Side note, does anyone happen to know of any fun things my dad and I could do in Seoul during a 16 hour and then on the way back a 14 hour layover at Incheon? I hear that on Express it's about 40 minutes to get to Seoul).

Anyway, so I was wondering what are helpful phrases that would help us get around once there? I can read Hangul but I just can't understand EVERYTHING. Some things I do, like... 화장실 ^^ And also, when speaking with strangers there, should I use Hapsyoche (Like -입니다, -합니다 I'm sure you know) or Haeyoche (-해요...-하세요)?

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    -해요. -하세요. are informal way less than -입니다. -합니다.
    Just for travel and small talk, they are OK.
    Good luck.

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