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Not happy with my writing (Spanish).

I can write with 2-3 mistakes or so.. however, how can I improve my writing so it looks more "native"?

Read/write more? What else can I do? Study grammar?

I understand there's a difference writing with no errors/mistakes compared to writing as a native.

Thanks for the advice/opinions. :)

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    Maybe you will find this advice useful in your learning process, it is part of an article about how to improve language skills:

    I select a text, after I have translated the text, I read it a few times (2 or 3 times) then I listen to the audio of that page. Usually the first time it is difficult to keep up the pace of reading, but I listen to it some 3 to 6 times. After that, I close the book and listen to the audio and I see if I can remember how the words were written in the book. If I have time, I go one step father and I play the audio pausing it sentence by sentence and I write down what I hear. Then I compare what I have written to what is written on the book. If there is a mistake, I do it again, as many times as necessary until I can write the entire page without mistakes (usually 2 or 3 times are enough)

    If you want to read the rest of the article, you can go to:

    I hope this helps you.


    Creo que leer y ver las noticias y series españolas te puede ayudar a mejorar bastante.


    Es fácil, leer mucho y escribir mucho. Pero necesitas a alguien que te corrija los errores y también la "naturalidad" en la expresión.

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