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Confused about a senstence

Among those reportedly suspended was Rober Wallden, a New York based trader visited by officials from the Federal Bureau of Investigation last year examining comments, that were described by people familiar with the matter, as a misguided joke.

what does "examing comments" mean? Who is examining?
what does "misguided joke" refer to?
how to explain "misguided" here?

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    The ones who are examining are FBI officials, and they are doing investigative work on this Rober Wallden guy. Its like a police officer investigating a crime.
    And a "Misguided Joke" was likely an offensive statement such as a racial slur and the teller of the joke didn't see their statement as offensive and decided that they thought it was funny. The misguided part likely means he meant it to be one thing and others interpreted his statements in way he was not expecting

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