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Difference between used to, get used to and be+ used to?

I don't understand very well when I can use "get used to" and "be+used to"

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    The phrases "get used to" and "be used to" have same meaning, i.e., to be familiar or accustomed to something or someone.
    I am used to getting early in the morning.
    I am getting used to eating bitter vegetables.

    The expression "used to" is used for actions or things happening regularly in the past.
    When I was a child, I used to play every Sunday.
    He used to smoke before a few years, but he quit smoking later.

    I hope it helps!

    - 'used to' you meant is passive form of the verb 'use'
    For example: Fan is used to cool in the summer.

    -'get used to' and 'be used to' both mean to have experienced something so that it no longer seems surprising, difficult, strange etc
    For example: I read English books everyday, so I'm used to English (or I already get used to English)

    Hope it would help! :)



    "Be used to" quiere decir " estar acostumbrado":
    I am used to singing = estoy acosumbrado a cantar
    I was used to singing = estaba acostumbrado a cantar

    "Get used to" es "acostumbrarse"
    I need to get used to singing = necesito acostumbrarme a cantar
    My dog will get used to the new house = mi perro se acostumbrará a la nueva casa

    "Used to" quiere decir "acostumbraba" o "solía".
    I used to dance every night = acostumbraba bailar todas las noches = solía bailar todas las noches
    She used to cook on Sundays = ella acostumbraba cocinar los domingos = ella solía cocinar los domingos

    Espero que eso te ayude.

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