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Some tips or excercises to help with sentence construction

In learning Tagalog, I have memorised many words but i really struggle with logical sentence construction.

Does anyone know of some resources i can use to understand better, how to create sentences in Filipino?

Between English and Tagalog, there is a big difference in how Verbs are used. Sometimes the Tagalog verb adds much more information than you can contain in an English verb (i.e. Pinaluto ako meaning sth like 'was cooked for him by me'

I also struggle with correctly locating the small words like Ba, pa, na, Rin, Din etc.

I was hoping to find some sample sentences with words left out.

Can you recommend some reading for me?

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    Textbooks are your best bet. Among online resources, the best (non-basic) ones with the most extensive grammar information I could find are:

    - v

    Verbs depend on aspect and focus, which are explained in the aforementioned sites. Usually, these are easy to spot, but there may be (rare) times when words are spelled the same but have different inflections.

    NatUlog ako sa kama - I slept on the bed. (Purposely.)
    NAtulog ako sa kama - I fell asleep on the bed.

    Encletic particles are a little more complicated to explain. The Wiki page has a list of the order in which the words (usually) follow each other, sort of the like multiple adjective rules in English. But unlike English adjectives, it's a bit more flexible.

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