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What's the difference?

I'd like to know the difference between these 2 groups.

A-1)Did you not know?
A-2)Can you not come?

B-1)Didn't you know?
B-2)Can't you come?

Group A and B are the same meaning?
Is there something defference of the nuance?

Additional Details:

I'd like to know if there's the difference of the nuances when you use these, not the difference of their looking or structure.

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    The B Group contains the contracted forms of the sentences in the A Group.

    A-1) Did you not know? --> B-1) Didn't you know?
    B-2) Can you not come? --> B-2) Can't you come?

    I think group B is gramatically correct, so A is incorrect by grammatic

    A -- full form
    B -- short form
    Do -- auxiliary verb
    Can -- modal verb

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