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Can someone explains those words or letters to me when they come in the sentence ?

Hello !
everytime i see one of those i really feel confused because i dont know what is the importance of them in the sentence
here they are :

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    In official documents it's are not used usually, only in colloquial speech.

    ж, же - 1. emotional accent.
    2. "but", "and".
    3. part of idiom "the same" ("тот же", "такой же", "такая же")
    те - those
    то - that, then
    ни - almost the same as "не", but even more. Twice rejection.

    ж/же - conjunction or particle
    1. Conjunction "же" denotes the oppositeness of one sentence to another. Вчера был дождь, сегодня же солнечно (Вчера был дождь, а сегодня солнечно) - It was raining yesterday, but today is sunny.
    2. Conjunction "же" attaches one sentence containing any additional information to the other. Это наш учитель, он же директор школы. - He is our teacher, who is also headmaster.
    3. Is used to emphasize the semantic meaning of the word after which it is put. На первом же экзамене провалился. - He failed at the first exam.
    4. Used to emphasize the full match with the fact about what is told or to emphasise persistence, constancy of something. Мне всегда снится один и тот же сон. I always see the same dream.

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