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Recommended books to use for studying Japanese


could any Japanese speakers or natives recommend any good study books to learn Japanese? I have started with memorizing Hiragana ひらがな and after learning Katakana, I'd like to move forward to some grammar/vocabulary. Can anyone recommend something for self-studying?
Thanks in advance :)


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    I agree with previous answer Tae Kim the author also has a free app for iPad/iPhone that is super useful. However if you are just starting out with basic hiragana and katakana it may be a bit hard to understand the japanese grammar. If you are self studing japanese I think mina no nihongo is a good beginners book, genki 1 and 2 are also good if you are a student (the vocab and dialog is mostly focus in school life) as you continue on those books go back from time to time to Tae Kim's material and it will give you the big picture and that may help you have a deeper understanding of the grammar.. Good luck! I hope this helps!
    I found

    really really helpful to learn and understand Japanese grammar. Slowly work your way through all of it. As for vocabulary, there's plenty of websites that teach you basic vocabulary and help you practice it. After you know enough basic vocabulary, I found the most effective way is to look up words as you encounter them; in this way you'll have some mental connection to them instead of just having learned them by rote. I used the Anki flashcard application ( and made up my own cards over time.

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