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Can you help me translate this?

اسمع لا سالتك مرزا علی السياره قلها انت تعرفلك واسطه من الرياض يدخلوها بدون جمارك بس اصرفلها ذي الكذبه عشان سوتلي فيها انو انا ما اثق فيها وكذا فاهمني يا برو
يلا انا بنام الحين تصبح علی خير

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    Who wrote that to you?
    He's talking about a problem and I think you know what's going on between both of you already .

    he want a favor from you

    "listen, if Mirza asked you about the car, tell her you know means/Instrumentation to bring the car to Riyad without customs.. Tell her like the lie because she think I don't trust her.. Do you understand me oh brother ? I am going to sleep now goodnight"

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