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what are the meanings of these two lyrics? Thank you!

1) you know I used to love to leave, Always had something up my sleave.-------I don't know " have something up my leave"

2)Baby don't say the stars are falling from yours eyes.------Is there any hidden meaning behind the words?

Thank you!

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    1) "To have something up your sleeve" is a common idiom in English. A sleeve is the material covering your arm when you wear a shirt of some kind. If you have something up your sleeve, you have something hidden, ready to be used.

    The idiom therefore refers to a hidden trick or piece of information that you are ready to use when you need to.

    2) I have no idea. It seems like a fairly meaningless bit of drivel to me.

    Hope this helps!



    Somebody's answered the first, so I'll have a go at the second. If we are in love or just hopelessly romantic we can be described as having stars in our eyes. "Starry-eyed" is the usual description. So if the stars are falling from your eyes it means that you are falling out of love/seeing the truth at last/becoming disillusioned. Lyrics can be difficult to decipher. But I would guess this is what the song-writer meant.

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