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How do you pronounce the Arabic alphabets in your dialect?

Different Arabic dialects my pronounce certain Arabic letters differently.

Whats your dialect and what letters do you pronounce differently?

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    Egy dialect has no "tongue sounds"
    so ث=ت
    also some hard sounds are kinda lost :D such as
    and we dont pronounce "hamza" at the end of the word


    In Egyptian dialect we pronounce:
    ق---> أ or ء
    EX: وقت=wa2t instead of waqt (time)

    ث---> ت
    EX: ثلاثة=talata instead of thalatha

    ظ---> ض
    EX: ظهر=dahr instead of zahr (back)

    We pronounce ج as G in grade (not as J)
    EX: جمل=gamal instead of Jamal (camel)

    These are the most important changes in Egyptian dialect.

    Please note that there are some exceptions, for example not every ق is prounounced like أ, we pronounce it as ق in some words.

    Hope this helps.

    in Saudi dialect (specifically najdi accent)

    Qaaf ق = sometimes is pronounced as g in girl. e.g. قال Qaal is pronounced as gaal

    dhaad ض = is pronounced as the letter ظ. for example ضمير (dhameer) is pronounced as ظمير

    ذ=د, مثلا: كذاب kaddab, кяддаб

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