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"Shhhh" across cultures

In the United States mothers will often gently tell babies "shhhh" to make them calm and quiet. Adults also use "shhh" to mean "be quiet." Do mothers in China use the "shhh" sound with their children?

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    Chinese usually use a similar onomatopoeic word “嘘(xū)".
    嘘 also has another pronunciation shī which is closer to "shhhh".
    Both of them mean "be quiet", whereas the later sounds more serious.

    BTW, could you please help me check these↑↑ sentences? THX :)

    Th sound that chinese mums make to help their babies pee is "shü".
    If you know how to pronounce the german umlaut "ü", then you know what it sounds like.:>

    嘘 shī


    嘘 is a polyphone word,if you want to express someone to be quiet, 嘘should pronunce as (shī), this is same as shhhhh in english

    YEP! And with friends as well !

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