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Will you suggest any kind of cartoon in chinese? ¿Me recomendarían algún dibujo animado en chino?

Hello! I just think that watching cartoons in chinese could be a great idea in order to learn that language. Please, If you had any suggestion it would help me a lot! Remember that I'm in basic :l


¡Hola! Creo que ver dibujos animados en chino puede ser una buena idea para aprender el idioma. Por favor, si tuvieran alguna sugerencia me ayudaría bastante!. Recuerden que estoy en básico :l

THANKS A LOT!!! Muchas gracias :) !

For learning: Chinese (Mandarin)
Base language: English
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    喜洋洋和灰太狼 (children‘s favorite)
    熊出没 ( very popular)



    Most of the popular cartoons in Chinese (at least in Taiwan) are actually Japanese cartoons, dubbed in Chinese. Popular ones include: 機器貓小叮噹(多拉A夢),名偵探柯南,and classics such as 科學小飛俠,無敵鐵金剛, and 怪醫秦博士。Also, all/most of the cartoons by the Japanese anime filmmaker 宮崎駿 are extremely popular in Taiwan.

    小蝌蚪找妈妈,金刚葫芦娃,大闹天宫,哪吒脑海,大头爸爸和小头儿子,黑猫警长,蓝猫淘气三千问,喜洋洋和灰太狼 these are Chinese original cartoon for kids.
    十万个冷笑话,尸兄,熊出没,侠岚 these are for adult.But there is no eroticism in them.ha-ha
    我叫MT,啦啦啦德玛西亚 these are based on online games(WOW and LOL) If you know these games,it maybe help you for studying.and there are English subtitles in them

    No me gustan los cartonns chinos, porque porque la mayoría son para los niños. Hay muchos otros japoneses genial que dobladan al chino, puedes practicar su orido Chino(sorry, i don't know how to say "listening skills"). Good luck!

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