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Today I posted something on Facebook and one of my Japanese friends commented: かっこいいぜ
I do know the meaning of かっこいい, but I can't think of hearing ぜ in the end of an expression like this before.
Does ぜ have a meaning in this case, or is it just like we use だよ/よ etc. to make it more casual?


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    ぜ is, yes, sth same as, だよ/よ, that is mostly used by boys especially when they want to pretend cool, or feel like showing off XD

    for example:
    -今日はいい日だったぜ!( I had a great day today!)
    -新しいゲームを買ったぜ!(I bought a new game!)
    -やったぜ!(I made it!)
    -おい、知ってるか、こいつの彼女かわいいんだぜ(hey, you know that, his gf is so cute) XD

    hope this helps!
    Miki-san already explained ぜ, but you can find this one and more gender-specific gobi here:

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