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일주일 vs 주일

For both terms I found same meaning 'week'. So is there any difference between these terms? Are they interchangeable?

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    Actually 일주일 means one week, so it has different meaning from 주일.
    주일 means week from Monday to Sunday (but I believe not many people say "주일", but "주" instead.
    So, they are not really interchangeable.

    For example, when you want to say as following,
    -The last week of this month, 이번달의 마지막 주(주일)
    - One week, 일주일
    - Two weeks later, 2주일(주) 후

    But 주일 is also regarded as Sunday in Christianity.
    - Going to a church 주일에 교회에 가다.

    Hope this may help you!

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