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嗨!! :) 你能帮我个忙吗 I want to learn to use "环境" please :D

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    关于“环境”的用法,有一些常用的(frequently-used)固定搭配(set phrase):学习环境、环境保护、环境污染、环境优美、换换环境、工作环境、生活环境、生态环境等等。
    Here are some sentences I made using the set phrases above.hope can help you.
    Schools should provide students a better environment ,which enable students to learn better.

    2、现在人们比以往更加关注环境保护 ,治理环境污染,使我们能有在一个舒适安全的工作和生活环境。
    Now,people are focusing more than ever on protection of environment,controlling environment pollution ,so that we can have a comfortable and safety environment for living and working.
    The scenic spot here isfamous for it’s beautiful environment and pleasant scenery.
    “遐迩”means “far and near” 闻名遐迩 that means ,远近闻名 (be well known)
    以…..而闻名遐迩,be well known for its…..or ,be famous for …..
    You have been working too hard recently. you should spend your vacation to travel, the change of environment would do good for you to relax yourself completely.

    It’s our personal duty to protect the ecology environment which we live on .

    环境 = environment/circumstance
    Italki has a good environment in terms of learning a foreign language

    环境can be translated into environment literally.
    我们应该保护环境 we should protect environment
    and 环境 can also mean the atmosphere and things
    Britain is a good place for English learning (because you are exposed to English on a daily basis)

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