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I've read the rule that says:
if a thing isn't denied (for ex., Minulla ei ole autoa - here it's denied), but meant to be changed (Se ei ole kissa vaan koira) then we use NOMINATIIVI.
But on another page I saw a sentence: En syö lihaa vaan kalaa. - there PARTITIIVI is used.
Do we need to use partitiivi everywhere when we're talking about abstract and somekind of material nouns (abstraktiset sanat ja ainesanat), or it will be right to say "En syö liha vaan kala" according to the first rule?

I hope you'll understand my question. :D If not, just say which sentence will be correct :)

And another example with AKKUSATIIVI:
Saanko ottaa nämä kaikki omenat. - why only "omena" is in partitiivi but not also "nämä" ja "kaikki"?

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    I'm not sure, but after quickly thinking about it, it seems that you use the nominative form of the noun when the sentence has the verb 'to have'. In most other cases you use the partitive form. So only 'En syö lihaa vaan kalaa.' is correct.

    Nämä and kaikki don't have partitive forms.

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