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What's the difference between 懂 and 明白?

They both mean to "not understand" as far as I know; can someone please explain what the difference is. Also, please include example sentences with each being used. Please answer in English. Thanks!

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    lol That was a rhetorical question of BEAR234 .

    懂and明白 are synonyms, but the nuance shows in different situations. To express the meaning of "understand", 明白 can replace 懂 of all means, while 懂 is more particularly use for command a skill or have a true understanding with empathy.

    For example:

    我明白他为什么要这样做:I understand (the purpose of )why he would do this./ I‘ve apprehended.

    我懂他为什么要这样做: I understand (the reason behind)why he would do this./ I’ve comprehended.

    Another main difference would be when these two words connected with the verb:

    他听不懂我们说什么:He doesn't know the language we are talking;
    他听不明白我们说什么:Well,it's too complex for him, so let's dumb down a little bit and try an easy way. (lol)

    Hope it would help : )

    In most situations, they are the same. If you have to make them different, 懂 is more deep than 明白。

    懂 is used as a suffix

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