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Is montazeram the colloquial way of say montazer mishavam?


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    montazeram is the colloquial way of montazer hastam, means I'm waiting. when you say that to the person you are waiting for, you mean: come on,hurry up I'm waiting for ...(it's a kind of alarm to remind him'her you are waiting) to insist on it one can say: montazeramA (or like tehrani people motazeramHa( :D a little spoiled!)
    in addition when you say montazeram you had already been waiting but when you say montazer misham you wait from now!
    montazer mishavam means I wait (means it's ok I'll wait for a while it's not a problem.for example:
    A:aghaye X amadeAnd? (has mr,.X come?)
    B: na hanooz,20 daghigheye dige mian(miAyand)(not yet, he comes in 20 minutes)
    A: montazer misham( means I wait till he comes)

    so the answer would be No!

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