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Where's the different between "What do you think about .." and "What do you make of .." ?

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    None really... any difference (if you even want to call it that) is subtle--very, very subtle...

    "What do you think about...?" --it seems (to me, anyway...) a bit more direct/forward. Or when the questioner has their own answer, and they want to know your answer to be able to compare, or whatever.
    Person 1: What do you think about the lunch today?
    Person 2: It's awful!
    Person 1: Oh really? I actually like it.

    "What do you make of...?" --in my mind, this question form is more for when the answer isn't expected to be very clear. Or if the questioner doesn't want to make a strong statement until they know the opinion of the other person.
    Person 1: What do you make of that girl?
    Person 2: Oh, I think she's nice.
    Person 1: Yeah...she seems nice.....

    Hm, kind of a hard question...I don't know if my answer makes sense...I think it's just one of those things you have to get a feel for; there aren't any hard rules on it. =P

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