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What makes a good English teacher?

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    he/she should be veeeeeeery patient, and should have the skill of transmitting the information, should create a comfortable atmosphere for learners in order for them to get the information swiftly and softly..
    He/she should use motivators that go with the learners' ages and levels (use coloured pictures for beginners and children, for example..) and always try to deal with topics leaners enjoy..
    It is important to know learners' names, this will create an intimacy between the teacher and his learners and if the latter loved him they will be more likely to undrestand and learning will be enjoyable for them.. All these characteristics, if found, will boost learning. Then he/she will be a successful teacher. These characteristics are very important especially for language teaching.


    My dream English teacher should be patient, caring and have a great mastery for the language. Do you want to be an English teacher, Jura?

    I think the ideal person would be patient, enthusiastic, understanding with a little bit fun.
    Knowledge and mastery alone doesn't make a great teacher

    A good english teacher should be talktive, nice and makes me active on the lesson. If he makes it, he'll be my dreamt teacher. don't you think? ;)

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