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i Wish to Get a List Of Some Khalis (Pure) Urdu Words used in Daily life along with their Meanings

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    Hello/Hi: Assalamu Alykom
    What is your name: aapkaa naam kyaa hai?
    My name is....., and what is your name?= mera naam .... hai. aur aapkaa naam kyaa hai?
    How are you = aap kaise hain?
    I am very well/fine, thanks. and you? = main bahut accha/ main theek hoon, shukriya. aur aap?
    Where are you from = aap kahan se hain?
    I am from ...... = main ...... se hoon.
    How old are you = aapkee umr(age) kyaa hai ?
    I am ..... years old = main ..... saal(years) hoon
    Nice to meet you = aap se mil kar acha laga
    Where do you live? = ap kahan rehtey hain?
    I live in ..... = main ........ rehtey hoon.
    What do you do? = ap kya kaam karta hain?
    I like .... = Mujhe ...... pasand hai
    Good morning = Subh ba-khaiyr
    Good night= Shub ba-khaiyr
    See you later= phir milenge

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