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A question related to pronunciation

She laughed at the birthday present.

Read the above sentence as naturally as you can. If it's possible please record it. Do you hear yourself really pronouncing The t in the word at? Did you attempt at all?

Thank you.

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    The t is definitely there, but "at" isn't pronounced separately. The tongue goes to the t position, stops, then slips a bit downward to start the th sound. You are basically saying "(-d)atthe". Useful to practise this one.

    Same for "on the", "in the" and "stopped the". If you omit the sound before th, then the words become slurred and mispronounced.


    She laugh-tut the birthday present. Yes, I do pronounce the T. But it is part of a new word! Larf-Tut!


    The /t/ in the word 'at' is a final /t/ before a consonant sound. In American English, you are supposed to make a glottal stop instead of /t/.

    NB: None of that applies in the case of "on the", "in the" and "stopped the", because there is no t. This only applies to the /t/ sound.

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