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Equivalent expression in Tagalog for "more and more" or "less and less" ?

For instance, if I want to say:

I love my girlfriend more and more

I think of a way that I could say it like:

Ang pag-ibig ko para sa aking nobya ay dinaragdagan (My love for my girlfriend is getting bigger; I'm not sure if that is the correct way to say it neither)

However, would there be an actually adverb that would mean "more and more" in Tagalog, or "less and less"?

Maraming salamat!

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    Hm... I think "lalo" (which means more or increasingly) is the closest. Lalo kong minamahal ang aking nobya = lit. I'm increasingly loving my girlfriend. :)

    Less - Kaunti
    lesser - mas kaunti

    it may vary how you will it use in sentence.

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