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How do I write these sentences in Japanese?

I tried my best to write this myself in Japanese, but the person who read my journal could not even make sense of what I was trying to say, due to how poorly written it was.

"The next journal entry, will be completely blank."
"It will definitely have words!!" (said to contradict the first speaker)

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    I would say
    The next journal entry will be completely blank
    =次の日記は完全に白紙になると思う(I used 思う even though you didn't say '' I think '' because it'll suit with the sentence you made with '' It will '' I think it's more natural. )
    次の日記に書くことがない。( more like '' I have nothing to write about for the next journal entry '')

    It will definitely have words.
    As you mentioned it's said to contradict the first journal, I would say
    次の日記には書くことがちゃんとある!( There are things I will write about in the next journal )
    次の日記はちゃんと書きます!( I'll make an effort to write a (decent) journal next time )

    This is how I would translate your sentences to Japanese. I'm not sure if these are what you meant, but I hope this is helpful :)


    1. 記事/日記
    2. ここで『真っ白』を使うのは大丈夫でしょうか?
    3. 『よ』は付くべきか?
    4. まだ書いてないのに、『-てある』を使ってもいいでしょうか?

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