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What would be a suitable translation of 护身 in English?

I'm looking for one English word that can aptly sum up what 护身 in 护身符 means.

Google translate wasn't very helpful.

So far I've considered:

Anyone know?

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    "luck"or"lucky" would be appropriate.


    护 means 保护(protect)
    身 =body
    护身符 means a kind of talisman which protects you or keep you safe.

    护身 = hù-shēn = to protect oneself

    护身符 = hù-shēn-fú - amulet


    You can add something specific, protecting against ( ) or just lucky.

    護身符 is a Chinese term. It is actually a piece of paper with unintelligible or elaborate looking Chinese characters written on it to ward off evil. To translate it as a talisman or amulet is rather incorrect. These conjures up something that is not made from paper. This is western tradition. However, the general meaning is preserved. I would translate this term more precisely as "paper charms" so as not to lose the cultural aspect. Of course all these depends on the context. A related term would how would you translate 鬼画符? :)

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