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Ich habe mich daran erinnert & Ich habe mich erinnert daran

In one of my notebook entries, I wrote "Ich habe mich erinnert daran" for "I have remembered (the fact that...)."

When corrected, my sentence got slightly changed, with "daran" between "mich" and "erinnert": "Ich habe mich daran erinnert."

My question is simple: Why did my teacher change the position of "daran"? I have always seen it at the end of the construction, not between "mich" and "erinnert."

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    It is impossible that you have seen "daran" after "erinnert". Why? When using Perfekt we use the so-called "Satzklammer" which means that the conjugated auxilary verb is in the second postion and the participle2 (Partizip2) in the very last postion. Always in a primary sentence (Hauptsatz). So, no word can be put after "erinnert" (Partizip 2, last position).

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