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怎么说:expression? 比如,我的老师跟我说,“没什么大不了。” 我回答,“很有用的expression。”很有用的用语?的说法?英文里面我们说:That’s a useful expression.

怎么说:accidentally?可以说“不小心”? 我不小心碰他之后,他就生气了。



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    expression = 表达

    accidentally = 偶然,不小心 = heedlessly

    meticulously is more to perfectionist, 精心 achieves more impact



    1 a useful expression = 有用 词句 = yǒu-yòng cí-jù

    2 accidentally = 误打误撞 = wù-dǎ-wù-zhuàng

    3 meticulously = 上心 = shàng-xīn

    In your examples.
    1.That’s a useful expression.
    Commonly we say: 这个表述/表达很有用。Or in short, 这很有用。
    2.我不小心碰了他之后,他就生气了。It's correct.
    Or you can say: 我无意中碰了他,他就生气了。/我意外地碰了他,他就生气了。
    3.他正精心地为她做饭。(He is meticulously making dinner for her)
    Or, 他精心地为她做了饭。(He has made dinner for her meticulously)

    Plus I don't know the English sentences I made is right or wrong. Haha.
    Hope it helps.

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