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urdu mein kya kehte " i will handle it / deal with it" ?

for example

jab aapko kutch karna hai , lekin aap busy ho, toh aapka dost kehta hai , (english mein) "dont worry i will handle it" yaani "i will do it for you" / handle the situation for you

mene sunna urdu mein " mai sumaal lunga" ?? lekin muje bilkul yaqeen nahi,,

english mein ham woh bhi kehte hai, kisi shaks k bare mein, jab hamein kiso ko DhhanTna (rebuke,tell off) hai,, we say " i will handle him ",

umeed hai ke mera sawaal saaf hai

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    Mein sambhaal lunga(I'll handle it), Me dekh lunga(I'll see-threatening), Me kar lunga(I'll do it). All of these are quite similar in meaning and could sometimes be used interchangeably too. Hope it's clear.

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