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how to say I go to school every day and..

How do you say I go to school every day.

Also what is the Vietnamese sentence structure and grammar because I cannot find anywhere that tells me this.

Thank you in advance

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    I = Tôi
    go to school = đi học
    every day = hằng ngày

    The structure of Vietnamese is the same as that of English. One full sentence includes Subjects + Verb + Adverb. Please notice that in Vietnamese, "Verb" does not depend on "Subjects", unlike "s" or "es" in English. More importantly, in Vietnamese, there are five tones, "up", "down", "fall", "dot", "question" inclusive. Each show different meaning when following with the same word; for example, "bé", "bè", "bẽ", "bẹ", "bẻ", respectively.

    P/s: If it makes you confused, don't hesitate to ask me on Skype because sometimes I'm not on italki.

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