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Which one is correct?

Die Butter bekommt mir
Die Butter bekommt mit mir

Die Butter ist bekommt mir
Die Butter ist bekommt mit mir

(For "Butter doesn't agree with me")

I'm not sure which one is correct because I have seen it used in two different ways: either with the auxiliary "sein" or without it: "ist bekommt" or "bekommt." All I'm relatively sure of is that the person with whom a certain food doesn't agree is in German in the dative case.

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    "X bekommt mir" (butter agrees with me) is the correct one, the others are wrong. I don't know where you have seen "ist bekommt", but this is wrong, too. "X ist bekömmlich" is possible.

    Butter doesn't agree with me = Butter bekommt mir nicht (!).

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