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doch schon; hohen; aushalten

Doch schon wandern die ersten Unternehmen ab, weil sie die hohen Energiepreise im Wettbewerb mit Amerika und Europa nicht mehr aushalten. (source:

I would like to know how "doch schon" might be translated into English.
If I'm not mistaken, "hohen" in this sentence refers to "Energiepreise" and would then mean "high." Also, "aushalten" refers back to "Wettbewerb" and would then mean "to keep."
By the way, the subject of "aushalten" seems to be "sie." And "im Wettbewerb" would have to be "in competition." Finally, I'm not quite sure what "Unternehmen" means in this sentence. Is it "business," "enterprise," or "operation" in the military sense of the word?

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    1) In this case, "doch schon" = "but already".
    2) yes, high energy prices.
    3) etwas aushalten = first meaning in:
    4) die Unternehmen = companies

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