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How to remember more vocabulary?

I don't know how to memorise a number of vocabulary,maybe because of my bad there anyone can help me?

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    Let me share my experience with you. I just do the following. First, I have a very good vocabulary book. Actually there are a pool of wonderful textbooks out there to choose from, you take some time to do the research and find out the one that best suit you. (the one I choose is "Manhattan review", you can look it up online if needed) Then, for the first time, you read it slowly and carefully, thus highlight the vocabulary that you find useful and worth to memorize. (it might take you one week) Afterwards, come back to the book and go through every single page quickly at least once every two days. You might have trouble remembering the words but it's not a big matter. Just quickly review the book as often as possible consciously/ unconsciously. (it might take you one month or longer) At last, I guess every time you see the new words you learning from the book else where like newspaper ariticles, tv shows etc, you know exactly what they mean. The only thing you need to do is practice with people. As long as you are practicing with people with the new words, they will start to sticking more and more

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