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Türkçe Öğrenmek Zor Mudur?

I am looking to improve my listening and speaking skill of Turkish language. but, i got it difficult...It is so in reality?

For learning: Turkish
Base language: Turkish
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    There are some points which make it easy however there are some other points which make it hard.

    What makes Turkish easy is, it is mathematical. Once you learn the pronunciation of letters, you can read the words without knowing the meaning. And it is not like Russian, where there are many exceptions and accents change the sound etc.

    However it is hard too, since we have many suffices. There are some rules on choosing these suffices. If you know these rules, you can choose correct suffix. If not, you will have troubles. Plus these suffices vary according to tense and subject of the sentence. I believe an Englishman would find it hard.

    Dont let your guard down! Turkish is different than English and you cant learn it without some effort. It wont be easy.

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