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What is the Korean name for the 아/어/여 form of a verb?

For example, in

그걸 봐주세요.

보다 -> 봐

In English this is sometimes called the converbal form.

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    I think you are talking of 활용, aren't you?

    I think you mean the phoneme contraction(음운 축약) and the phonome deletion(음운 탈락) in Korean Language. For examples,

    Examples of the vowel contraction of Korean :
    ㅣ+ㅏ=ㅑ, 이+아 = 야
    ㅣ+ㅓ=ㅕ, 이+여 = 여
    ㅡ +ㅣ= ㅢ,
    ㅗ +ㅣ= ㅚ,
    ㅜ +ㅣ= ㅟ,
    ㅗ +ㅏ = ㅘ, 오+아 = 와
    ㅜ +ㅓ = ㅝ, 우+어 = 워
    ㅚ +ㅓ = ㅙ, 외+어 = 왜

    Examples of the vowel deletion of Korean :

    same vowel deletion : 가다. 가+아 = 가
    ㅡ deletion : 끄다. 끄+어 = 꺼
    ㅜ deletion : 푸다, 푸+어 = 퍼
    ㅓ deletion : 깨다, 깨+어 = 깨

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