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Why ve neden ????

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Dişlerini günde en ez iki defa fırçalamalisin
My question is in ( fırçalamalisin ) word in original the word is fırça then there is la i dont know why and then malisin it mean you have
So the word is fırça LA malisin what is la mean why there is la in middle of this word???

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    fırça is a noun. (a brush)

    -la is one of suffices which make a verb from a noun. (to brush) the resulting word is fırçalamak and it is a verb. another example would be cilalamak. cila is the material that we use for polishing. "cilala-" is "to polish"

    -malı / -meli suffices are used to indicate "must" and "should".

    -sın is used for second person.

    so the resulting combination means "you should brush"

    i should brush = fırçalamalıyım (fırça la malı -y- ım)
    you should brush = fırçalamalısın
    he should brush = fırçalamalı
    we should brush = fırçalamalıyız
    you(plural) should brush = fırçalamalısınız
    they should brush = fırçalamalılar


    "Fırça" is a thing.

    "Fırçalamak" is the action.

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