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quand on doit dire "je peux" et quand on doit dire " je pourrais"? aussi "je veux" et "je voudrais"?

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    You say "je peux" in French when you say "I can" in English. You say "je pourrais" when you say "I could" or "I would be able to" in English. Likewise for "veux" and "voudrais." "Veux" is "want" and "voudrais" is "would like."

    Je peux aller demain = I can go tomorrow
    Je pourrais aller demain = I could go tomorrow/ I would be able to go tomorrow.

    Je veux aller demain = I want to go tomorrow
    Je voudrais aller demain = I would like to go tomorrow

    As in English, "pourrais/voudrais" sound more polite, just like "could/would like" sound more polite than "can/want."

    Essentially, peux/veux are both in the present indicative tense. Pourrais/voudrais are in the conditional tense.

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