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Can anybody tell me what exactly this gay is reading? Here's the link: Maybe it's a part of a book, or an article, or whatever you can easily find if you google it (unfortunately my Arabic doesn't allow me to do it by myself). It's kind of an advanced text, but I like the way he's reading, very slow and clear, so I would like to follow the text. Thanks.

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    Do you want the script?
    If so, here's the script:
    (I couldn't put it here because it's over 2000 characters)

    Copied from:
    I edited some parts to match the audio.
    The author tried to talk as a foreigner so he used wrong pronunciation for Arabic words, and the book (which he is talking about) is in Egyptian dialect. So the narrator explained the wrong words and corrected it with the right pronunciation and said it in standard Arabic. That's why I put (=) in the text.

    Hope this helps.

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